Little Mushroom

This mushroom is an easy crochet pattern that works up quick! These mushrooms would make a lovely gift for your friends, or you can hang it on a Christmas tree. Also it’s great to hang it onto your bag or your keys!

This pattern is available for free right here below! However, if you’d prefer to download the PDF, you can find it here. The printable PDF version combines all textpictures and video in an easy format for you to print at home or to save onto your computer and use on your tablet or phone.

Size of the finished toy:

About 1.18 inches(3 cm) height with semicotton yarn and a 1.75 mm crochet hook.


mr, sc n = magic ring - crochet n single crochet stitches into the adjustable loop

Cs = chain stitch (UK=chain)

sl st = slip stitch (UK=slip stitch)

sc = single crochet stitch (UK=double crochet)

inc = increase = 2 sc in one st

dec = decrease = two sc together

(sc 4, inc) x n = repeat the pattern between parentheses n times

st/sts = stitch/stitch

[n] = the number of stitches in the round

You will need:

- 1.75 mm crochet hook;

- yarn: Yarnart Jeans White Color 62, Red Color 90;

- Scissors, stitch marker or scrap piece of yarn;

- soft stuffing;

- yarn needle.

You can use the same pattern to make larger or smaller toys by using finer or bulkier yarn. Also you can use a different color yarn. Pick a crochet hook at least a size smaller than suggested on yarn label and crochet tightly enough to achieve a tight gauge that will not allow the stuffing to show through the fabric.

STEM Use white color yarn.

To keep track of the beginning of the rounds, use a stitch marker.
Round 1: mr, sc 6 = [6]
Round 2-5 (4 rounds): sc in each st around =[6]
Round 6: inc x 6 = [12] Finish with sl st.
Stuff the stem firmly. Cut off and secure the yarn.

The video on how to make a stem you can watch here

CAP Use red color yarn.

Round 1: mr, sc 6 = [6]
Round 2: (sc , inc) x 3= [9]
Round 3: (sc 2, inc) x 3 = [12]
Do not cut off the yarn.

The video on how to make a cap you can watch here

Place the stem and the cap wrong sides together. Join 2 pieces with sl st and make Cs 1. Now using single crochets, crochet around sc through both pieces around, finish with sl st. Do not stuff or you can stuff softly. Embroider dots with white color yarn.

The video on how to join a stem and a cap and how to embroider dots you can watch here

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