What is amigurumi?
How Amigurumi_Joys got started

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting or knitting toys or dolls, although crocheting is much more commonly used. It is a type of crocheting or knitting. Only instead of making blankets or sweaters, you are making stuffed creatures:)

HI! I'm Oksana and I'm the face behind Amigurumi_Joys

I started my adventure with amigurumi in 2017. The first toy I made was a little crocheted mouse. What I liked most was not the toy, but the process of creation and the delight of my son. It was unforgettable! And I wanted more...

After improving my crochet skills with many guides, books, and videos in 2019 I started creating my own amigurumi designs.

Making and designing toys is my way of making people happy and bringing joy to the world!

I’ve put together some of the techniques I’ve learned and use regularly in the tutorials & tips section, I hope you find it useful. These knoweledges can be the beginning of your adventure with amigurumi!
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