Little Owl Keychain

Owls are one of the most beautiful birds. They repeatedly appear in literature and mythology as symbols of wisdom and strength. Owls are majestic, fascinating, and incredibly rare to see out in the wild. Perhaps it is all of these factors combined that make them one of the most popular animals in the world.

If you want a cuddly friend to add to your keys or backpack, then this keychain owl crochet pattern could be the right choice. It's insanely cute, and surprisingly easy to crochet.

This is an easy to follow and fast to make crochet pattern. It can be a great accessory for your car, keys, bag or backpack. And of course wonderful gift idea.

Can be made smaller or larger, depending on yarn- and hook-size.

This little birdie is made in two pieces. You can make also a hanging loop (the pattern includes a video tutoriale)! It’s a great project for crochet beginners.

This pattern you can find here!

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